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Student transportation

We ensure that students are safe, comfortable, confident, cared for and respected.


Its our pleasure to provide shuttle services to your children, do not hesitate to ask our rep who will provide you with al the necessary information. As professionals we own super safety and comfortable vechicles. All our drivers participates in special child behavior courses and will provide the student relaxed controlled environment. 

No need to add that all drivers monitored to make sure they drive safe, as well every year they pass extra advanced driving test to make sure they are fit for winter driving. Each route have Whatsapp chat group, for better communication. Every morning the driver send live location so you as parents can see exactly where is your child at that moment.  


We believe that every precious child should be transported in a GPS tracked vehicle. All Secure vehicles are equipped with real-time GPS tracking systems and our drivers are enabled with smart phone technologies and communications.

Secure Dispatchers use GPS tracking to locate and route students in the safest, most efficient manner. We understand the need to know where your child is located every second of the day.